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Admin and Support III Program Assistant for ATIC




The CARSI Initiative, one of the largest and most sophisticated multi-lateral security efforts in the world, provides funding for the

USG to assist the governments of the CARSI countries with police professionalization, justice sector reform, counter narcotics efforts,

border security management, crime and violence prevention, and anti-corruption efforts. In support of CARSI, INL its tasks include

but are not limited to:

• Assist in developing more effective and transparent security and rule of law institutions, which work together effectively

and cooperate with international partners to reduce threats from transnational and domestic crime, including terrorism,

and improve border security and protect human rights.

• Support CARSI state and society efforts to establish efficient, transparent, and accountable prosecutorial, correctional,

and alternative justice systems institutions that respect human rights.

• Assist CARSI countries in improving federal, state, and local governments’ operational ability to prevent and mitigate

crime and terrorism, impact transnational criminal organization (TCO) cash flow, contribute to criminal cases against

TCO leaders and members, disrupt TCO trust and corruptive relationships, and safely apprehend TCO and other high

target offenders.

• Improve border security, including building support to the new government’s efforts to secure CARSI borders.

• To meet the Congressional mandates of the CARSI Initiative, INL programs in the region include the following objectives:

• Continue to support CARSI state and federal entities with efforts to institutionalize the rule of law among law enforcement

and judicial sector operators, including through police professionalization, justice sector reform, anti-corruption,

and border security initiatives.

• Help CARSI countries achieve its transitions to the new criminal justice system.

• Create a 21st century border structure, by further developing CARSI countries’ capacity to detect and prevent smuggling

of illicit goods and trafficking in persons.

• Support networked technology systems and professionalization to strengthen CARSI countries control of their respective

northern and southern borders and ports of entry.

• Bolster CARSI countries efforts to prevent crime and violence by supporting the establishment of resilient communities

better able to withstand the pressures of organized crime through drug demand reduction, citizen oversight of security

forces, and culture of lawfulness programs.

• Continue to build CARSI countries capacity to disrupt and dismantle organized criminal networks, including capacity

building to counter illicit finance and combat the production of, and trafficking in, illegal narcotics.

• Support the U.S. Government’s goal to support CARSI state and society efforts to establish highly efficient, transparent,

and accountable prosecutorial, correctional, and alternative justice institutions that respect human rights; to assist

CARSI countries in improving federal, state, and local governments’ operational ability to prevent and mitigate

crime and terrorism, impact transnational criminal organization (TCO) cash flow, contribute to criminal cases against

TCO leaders and members, disrupt TCO trust and corruptive relationship, and safely apprehend TCO and other high

target offenders; and to improve border security.



Posted On: 04/09/2018
Category: Professional Services
Department: CARSI
Shift: Unknown
Location: Central America
Job Type: Law Enforcment Subject Matter Expert
Education: 2 Years University Studies
Pay Rate: To be determined
Duration: 1 - 5 years
Travel: Yes
Job Description:

• Provides expertise and assistance to INL to oversee the day-to-day logistical support aspects of the ATIC and identify problem areas and issues needing resolution.

• Reports problem areas and pertinent issues with proposed solutions to INL.

• Assists INL to build the capacity of GOH law enforcement to efficiently, effectively, and transparently investigate and prosecute criminal cases.

• Assists INL to improve partner nation capacity in delegation, training, case management, communications, human rights and standard operating procedures.

• Collects qualitative and quantitative data, to include measurable improvements as outcome data.

• Provides general administrative assistance to the ATIC to include inputs for reports and action items and advice on problems/issues with possible solutions.

• Provides specific administrative assistance to INL and the ATIC advisor.

• Provides logistical support for ATIC officers to include, but not limited to, travel arrangements, housing accommodations, local transportation needs, meals, venue arrangements, and E2 Solutions travel arrangements.

• Works with the NCSC (National Center for State Courts) travel office as needed concerning required logistical support and ensure proper documentation is complete.

• Assists INL to ensure that work performed is accomplished within INL policies and regulations.

• Initiates procurements as needed in support of the ATIC.

• Files pertinent documents such as reports, analysis results, polygraph results and etc. that are associated with the ATIC.

• Supports the success of the organization by providing clarity on how programs are achieving INL goals and objectives.

• Provides opportunity for mid-course correction if a program is not achieving its goals.

• Increases the ability of INL to respond with greater agility to changing priorities.

• Hours for this full-time position will be the core hours of the US Embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Monday through Friday, 40 hours per week.

• The position will be stationed in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

• National and international travel may be required.

• Create a work plan per the instructions.

• Provide weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports of relevant program activity, progress toward desired impacts, recommendations for advancing program and U.S. objectives, project highlights, and other relevant significant information including metrics, milestones achieved, and other relevant statistical data. Report on scheduled upcoming meetings, trainings, and other activities, outlining dates and participants.


• US citizen, Honduras citizen or TCN

• MRPT required if a US citizen or TCN

• Successful RSO background security check if a Honduras citizen

• English FSI level 3/3, Spanish FSI level 3/3

• Two (2) years university studies

• Three (3) years work experience in a related field (logistics, travel, U.S.G)

• Demonstrated superior interpersonal skills with all personnel levels from secretaries or entry level police officers to high level police officials, ministers and directors.

• Experience working with quality management processes

• Demonstrated excellent communications skills, both oral and written, in Spanish

• Demonstrated initiative, well-developed problem-solving skills, flexibility, receptivity, and creativity in dealing with problems and conflicts, as well as an ability to work on and bear responsibility for several simultaneous tasks while keeping overall objectives in perspective.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Two (2) years of post-secondary education or other certifications within the field of administration or management

Preferred Skills: