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TIGRES Field Advisor-Lepaterique/ElProgresso Subject Mater Expert - Field-Based Interdiction Operations Advisor (FBIO)




The CARSI Initiative, one of the largest and most sophisticated multi-lateral security efforts in the world, provides funding for the

USG to assist the governments of the CARSI countries with police professionalization, justice sector reform, counter narcotics efforts,

border security management, crime and violence prevention, and anti-corruption efforts. In support of CARSI, INL its tasks include

but are not limited to:

• Assist in developing more effective and transparent security and rule of law institutions, which work together effectively

and cooperate with international partners to reduce threats from transnational and domestic crime, including terrorism,

and improve border security and protect human rights.

• Support CARSI state and society efforts to establish efficient, transparent, and accountable prosecutorial, correctional,

and alternative justice systems institutions that respect human rights.

• Assist CARSI countries in improving federal, state, and local governments’ operational ability to prevent and mitigate

crime and terrorism, impact transnational criminal organization (TCO) cash flow, contribute to criminal cases against

TCO leaders and members, disrupt TCO trust and corruptive relationships, and safely apprehend TCO and other high

target offenders.

• Improve border security, including building support to the new government’s efforts to secure CARSI borders.

• To meet the Congressional mandates of the CARSI Initiative, INL programs in the region include the following objectives:

• Continue to support CARSI state and federal entities with efforts to institutionalize the rule of law among law enforcement

and judicial sector operators, including through police professionalization, justice sector reform, anti-corruption,

and border security initiatives.

• Help CARSI countries achieve its transitions to the new criminal justice system.

• Create a 21st century border structure, by further developing CARSI countries’ capacity to detect and prevent smuggling

of illicit goods and trafficking in persons.

• Support networked technology systems and professionalization to strengthen CARSI countries control of their respective

northern and southern borders and ports of entry.

• Bolster CARSI countries efforts to prevent crime and violence by supporting the establishment of resilient communities

better able to withstand the pressures of organized crime through drug demand reduction, citizen oversight of security

forces, and culture of lawfulness programs.

• Continue to build CARSI countries capacity to disrupt and dismantle organized criminal networks, including capacity

building to counter illicit finance and combat the production of, and trafficking in, illegal narcotics.

• Support the U.S. Government’s goal to support CARSI state and society efforts to establish highly efficient, transparent,

and accountable prosecutorial, correctional, and alternative justice institutions that respect human rights; to assist

CARSI countries in improving federal, state, and local governments’ operational ability to prevent and mitigate

crime and terrorism, impact transnational criminal organization (TCO) cash flow, contribute to criminal cases against

TCO leaders and members, disrupt TCO trust and corruptive relationship, and safely apprehend TCO and other high

target offenders; and to improve border security.



Posted On: 04/09/2018
Category: Professional Services
Department: CARSI
Shift: Unknown
Location: Central America
Job Type: Law Enforcment Subject Matter Expert
Education: Bachelors degree
Pay Rate: To be determined
Duration: 1 - 5 years
Travel: Yes
Job Description:

• The Field Based Interdiction Operations (FBIO) Advisor will serve in Honduras on the full range of law enforcement issues, program management, training evaluation, and mentoring to improve Honduran interdiction capacity, protect human rights, reduce impunity, and strengthen the Honduran National Police and the Public Ministry.

• Provides security operations expertise, technical assistance, and training on behalf of INL in support of host-nation efforts to improve operations against transnational organized crime, asset forfeiture, money laundering, gang activities, drug trafficking and other major cases.

• Assists INL to coordinate program development, implementation, and reporting with Honduran entities, INL Honduras advisors and contractors and, as appropriate, INL advisors throughout the region

• Assists INL with oversight for the Interdiction program nationwide.

• Assists INL to coordinate with appropriate levels of the Honduran Public Ministry, Honduran National Police (HNP) and Government of Honduras (GOH) agencies.

• Assists INL to ensure effective and ongoing coordination, communication and support of mutually enhancing programs and initiatives in compliance with the comprehensive USG/CARSI strategy for the reduction of violence in Honduras.

• Supports, assists, and advises INL in implementing ground interdiction programs to aid the Government of Honduras (GOH) to combat crime and insecurity.

• Advises on police special operations ground interdiction program strategies and make recommendations to adjust those programs and strategies throughout.

• Evaluates training and operational effectiveness of in-country Department of State programs, with a focus on ground interdiction operations

• Assists INL to ensuring programs retain requisite operational and logistics fluidity.

• Provides advice, technical assistance, and training in support of host-nation efforts.

• Advises and coordinates activities related to preventing and reducing crime in Honduras, and improving Honduran National Police effectiveness in investigating major crimes (homicides, extortions, kidnappings, etc.).

• Keeps INL informed of activities and operations that affect INL Police programing.

• Assists INL to establish collaborative partnerships in the community between the Honduran government and the individuals and organizations they serve to develop solutions to problems and increase trust in police.

• Works with the other INL advisors to identify the training needs of the Honduran National Police.

• Proposes training options in Honduras, Central America or the U.S.

• Provides advice and assistance in determining requirements for technical services, training, and commodities for police operations supported by INL programs.

• Attends meetings with U.S. and host-government officials as requested.

• Suggests avenues for mid-course correction if a program is not achieving its goals;

• Attends meetings with U.S. and host-government officials as requested, including regional working group meetings.

• Hours for this full-time position will be the core hours of the US Embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Monday through Friday, 40 hours per week.

• The position will be stationed in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

• National and international travel may be required.

• Create a work plan per the instructions.

• Provide weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports of relevant program activity, progress toward desired impacts, recommendations for advancing program and U.S. objectives, project highlights, and other relevant significant information including metrics, milestones achieved, and other relevant statistical data. Report on scheduled upcoming meetings, trainings, and other activities.


• US Citizen

• MRPT security clearance

• Bachelor’s degree in a related field from an accredited institution or 10 years of relevant experience.

• Five (5) years of experience in management roles that include strategic planning, resource management, budgeting, oversight and evaluation and active management of security operations.

• Five (5) years of experience working in international security development and training.

• Demonstrated experience in managing program resources.

• FSI level 4/4 English, FSI level 3/3 Spanish

• Demonstrated prior ability to work independently on projects and issues within overall policy guidelines.

• Demonstrated communication and liaison skills appropriate to work with a wide variety of governmental, public, and private sector representatives; as well as with local community members and groups.

• Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite

Preferred Qualifications

• Experience working and/or coordinating with other relevant U.S. government agencies and host nation entities.

• Experience working as a FBIO Advisor with non-U.S. security agencies.

Preferred Skills: