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Customized Leadership Development and Training Program

March 1, 2016

Creative Corrections begins Customized Leadership Development and Training programs.  Retired Warden and Corrections Expert, Catherine Linaweaver served 24 ½ years in the Federal Bureau of Prisons and now serves as a Correctional Specialist with Creative Corrections. …

Right Path Program - Milwaukee Area Technical College

October 9, 2015

The Creative Corrections Education Foundation (CCEF) is committed to ending the cycle of second generation crime. One of the CCEF projects is the Right Path Program at the Milwaukee Area Technical College. The Right Path Program targets students who have dropped out…

Article From Percy Pitzer on Incarceration in America.

July 16, 2015

I agree with the President on this one. When I started in the Prison system in 1973, America's prison population was around 200,000. Today it's 2.2 million. It's mainly because of minimum manditory sentences creating unreasonable sentences, tough on crime rather than smart on crime and politics. When…