U.S General Services Administration


U.S. Department of State International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Contractor Support Services BPA

Creative Corrections supports the mission of the U.S. Department of State in American diplomacy and the Secretary of state is the President’s principal foreign policy advisor.

The Department of State’s mission is to advance U.S. national security interests, fight terrorism, protect U.S. interests abroad, and implement foreign policy initiatives that build a freer, prosperous and secure world.

The Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL): INL is under the Under Secretary for Democracy and Human Rights (J) and works to keep Americans safe at home by countering international crime, illegal drugs, and instability abroad. INL helps countries deliver justice and fairness by strengthening their police, courts, and corrections systems. These efforts reduce the amount of crime and illegal drugs reaching U.S. shores.

Department of Homeland Security/ICE/OPR/ODO


Creative Corrections supports OPR/ODO in their mission to provide objective and independent assessments of ICE detention operations through inspections and reviews, such as Quality Assurance Reviews (QAR), to determine compliance with ICE detention standards by ERO and the detention facility. The inspection process includes a comprehensive review of operational and administrative practices and policies. Investigations of violations of civil rights and civil liberties (CRCL) allegations, detainee death reviews (DDR), and detention-related allegations are conducted to ensure operational adherence with the ICE detention standards to promote the safety and security of ICE detainees housed in detention facilities, and advocate accountability.

OPR/ODO produces inspection, review, and investigative reports, providing ICE executive management with its findings.

Creative Corrections currently delivers the expert operational, analytical and administrative support for inspections, reviews, investigations, and special assignments.