Conflict Avoidance and De-Escalation Techniques in the Military

Conflict Avoidance and De-Escalation Techniques in the Military: 8hours. Military correctional personnel currently face the challenge of better understanding their young inmates. Millennials’ norms and attitudes vary from those of previous generations. Many times their social skills are not as developed as those from past generations because of the influence of television and social media.  Often, they are not used to respecting authority and lack the discipline of past generations. The basis of this course is to help Army’s correctional staff understand the young inmates who are having problems with anger, impulse control, and authority and expose them to avoidance and de-escalation techniques staff can employ with their agitated young recruit.  These tactics have the ultimate goal of helping the young inmate become a better soldier and citizen by learning to control his/her impulses and expression of frustration and anger.