Customized Leadership

Customized Leadership Development and Training Program

Creative Corrections now affords the opportunity to customize your own leadership development and training program. Based upon the needs of your agency or organization, Creative Corrections provides a wide range of leadership topics you can choose from to design and construct your own leadership program from the ground up. Whether you have seasoned leaders who just need refreshed and rejuvenated, or a brand new team lacking in leadership experience, you can now choose the leadership components that will be the most effective in reaching your organization’s leadership goals.

Listed below are the customized topics you can use to create your unique leadership training opportunity. Simply choose the sessions most appropriate for your work force needs. Next to each heading is the amount of time required to successfully complete that particular session. In addition, where indicated, additional time can be allocated to these sessions to allow the participants to participate in role playing exercises based upon what they have just learned; a great method of ensuring your employees have a solid grasp on the material presented.

A customized leadership development and training program can consist of a 4-hour block (minimum requirement), 40 hours, or anywhere in between! That’s the beauty of customizing your own training program.

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