Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Managing a Successful Multi-Generational Workforce

(One-hour session/two-hour session includes role-playing exercises)

Although many of the Traditionalists are retired, and they are being quickly followed by the Baby Boomers, it is not unheard of to see four different generations alive and well in our workforce. Whether it is the challenges of filling in behind the multitude of retirements we are experiencing, or it’s the need to change and adapt management styles to be successful managing a younger workforce, the challenges and their impact on an organization’s mission are on the forefront for everyone currently in a leadership position.

Gone are the days of “Do it because I said so!” If you want a high trust, high performance work team, supervisors must be willing to trade in their “Carrot and Stick” approach to management for one of “Connection and Collaboration.” Participants in this session will learn the distinct differences between the generations, management strategies for maximizing the potential of the Generation Xer’s, and integrating the Millennial into the workforce. If that’s not enough, participants will become aware of the next generation that will soon be entering our workforce: Generation Z!