Creative Corrections

Contract Specifications

Contract Period: 9/26/2016 – 9/26/2021
DUNS Number: 143530926
Pool 1 Contract # GS02Q16DCR0011:
NAICS codes 611430,611699, 624310

Pool 2 Contract # GS02Q16DCR0044:
NAICS codes 541611, 541612, 541613,
541618, 611710

HCaTS Fact Sheet
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Jeanine Hadnot, Program Manager

About HCaTS

Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS), through delegated procurement authority and OPM assisted acquisition services, provides all Federal agencies with both direct access and assisted acquisition access to customized training and development services, customized human capital strategy services, and customized organizational performance improvement services.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the General Services Administration (GSA) formed a new partnership to jointly award and administer this new strategically sourced contract vehicle. The goals of the partnership are grounded in law, in OPM’s mission, and in Govemment wide principles of human capital management. OPM will continue to offer high quality products while taking advantage of GSA’s ability to provide government-wide cost savings and efficiencies through Its federal strategic sourcing expertise. Through this partnership, GSA is principally responsible for contract administration, while OPM is responsible for policy oversight.

For additional information about HCaTS, visit the GSA HCaTS website:


The Human Capital and Training Solution (HCaTS) contract is the result of a partnership between The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the General Services Administration (GSA). The initiative creates the joint management of a new strategically sourced, indefinite-delivery indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) government wide contract to support OPM’s Training and Management Assistance (TMA) program, and provides customized human capital management and training services to all agencies. The HCaTS contracts provide federal agencies with a reliable, flexible, fast and efficient way to obtain best value solutions for their complex human capital and training service requirements.

GSA awarded separate contracts resulting from two RFPs: HCaTS Unrestricted and HCaTS Small Business (SB). The HCaTS program contracts consist of the same scope for government wide use for human capital management and training services. Both contracts offer the flexibility to use all contract types and provide pricing at the task order level (i.e., Fixed-Price (all types), Cost-Reimbursement (all types), Time-and-Materials, and Labor-Hour). Task orders may also combine more than one contract type (e.g., FFP/Cost, FFP/Labor-Hour, etc.). Additionally, task orders may include incentives, performance based measures, multi-year or option periods, and commercial or non-commercial items.

The services are to be both commercial and non­-commercial and meet the human capital management and training services needs of all federal agencies, both CONUS and OCONUS.

The HCaTS Unrestricted and HCaTS Small Business contracts provide federal agencies with a reliable way to obtain best value solutions for their human capital and training service requirements. Both contracts are organized into three Key Service Areas:

  • Customized Training and Development Services;
  • Customized Human Capital Strategy Services; and
  • Customized Organizational Performance Improvement.


  • Improving human capital management in accordance with the HCAAF and OPM governing doctrines.
  • Maximizing the return on investment in human capital management and training services.
  • Government wide use.
  • Easy access to best-in-class solution providers.
  • Management of small business programs and goals by allowing customer agencies to receive small business credit and support competition.
  • Flexibility to use all contract types.
  • Pricing at the task order level.
  • Provides longer-term planning for complex program requirements with a program ceiling of $11.5 billion.
  • Provides self-service (via a DPA) and assisted service (via OPM) access to human capital solutions.

Creative Corrections Capabilities

Creative Corrections Core Capabilities include consulting, training and advisory services to local, state & federal and private correctional & law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and internationally.

Our Subject Matter Experts include expertise in all aspects of the criminal justice systems to include corrections, law enforcement, justice and rule of law.  We provide innovative and customized concepts to government and public private partnerships by offering expert knowledge, experience and proven reliability through dedicated professionals, best practices and small business class philosophies and services.

Customized Training and Development Services Customized Human Capital Strategy Services Customized Organizational Performance Improvement
  • Existing training program assessments
  • Training program implementation
  • Traning Standards & Operational Procedures
  • Redesign & improve training programs
  • Customized Curriculum Development
  • Criminal Justice Lessons learned initiatives
  • Customized Criminal Justice Training
  • Workforce Management Planning
  • Functional field evaluations & recommendations
  • Recruitment Strategies
  • Comprehensive human capital program goals
  • Position Management
  • Performance metrics and improvement
  • Comprehensive program goal studies
  • Strategic planning and Alignment
  • Records management assessment
  • Data analytics


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