Consulting, Training, and Policy Development

Creative Corrections was founded in September of 2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada, a company that provides consulting services to state, local, and federal correctional systems throughout the United States and abroad. Creative Corrections retains highly qualified Correctional Experts with varied backgrounds enabling us to provide a wide range of services. Our Subject Matter Experts can provide expertise in all aspects of correctional management, including: Administration, Security and Control, Food Service, Health Care, Environmental Health and Safety, Staff Development, Human Resources, Building Design, Construction, and Monitoring. The collective management skills we have amassed allow us to offer unparalleled expert services in all areas of corrections.

Creative Corrections offers several unique programs for governments and correctional institutions:

  • Compliance monitoring on any platform or set of standards required
  • Use of force, leadership, and management of correctional facilities training programs
  • After-action reviews following any incident encountered by facility management
  • Facility design and construction monitoring
  • Strategic planning, short-, medium-, and long-term planning
  • Prison systems assessments
  • Activation and operations management
  • Policy development

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