Cost-Efficiency Assessment

In this time of diminished resources and increasing costs, Creative Corrections can assess your facility operations and provide cost-saving strategies that are easy to implement but still ensure effective facility operations. We have the expertise to review every major aspect of prison and jail operations, including the following:

  • Institution operations and security: including correctional officer roster management): to ensure effective utilization of current staff resources by developing an appropriate ratio between correctional officer complement and overtime; policy, procedures, and practices, including security technologies commonly utilized by the corrections institutions; and inmate programs to productively occupy inmate time and reduce the need for correctional officers (e.g., drug treatment, values enhancement, education, leisure time programming.
  • Food service administration: including developing menus for diverse populations to specifying equipment needs; determining staffing levels to developing successful job descriptions for detainees as well as employees; and assessing budgetary requirements for food, maintenance of equipment, equipment replacement, chemicals, and staff salaries.
  • Health care: including staffing patterns for the appropriate and efficient utilization of resources; determining the most cost-effective means for providing dental care, laboratory, x-ray, and pharmacy services; utilization review, including prioritizing outside medical trips, reviewing requests for outside consultation, and monitoring care/length of stay at outside hospitals; managing contracted out-health services; access to care/triage concept; use of OTCs (over the counter medications); co-pay program, telemedicine, and teleradiology.
  • Safety and environmental issues: avoid liability and increase productivity regarding occupational safety and environmental health; fire and life safety; and workers compensation. The VA team leader is a retired federal high-security warden who has conducted vulnerability assessments as well as training on how to utilize the VA approach systemically for eight states, including large systems like Ohio, Texas, Washington, and Colorado. All observations and recommendations contained in the VA team report are confidential and become the sole property of the agency requesting the assessment.

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