Facility Needs Assessment

Creative Corrections Subject Matter Experts are Corrections and Law Enforcement professionals who average 25 years in their field of expertise. The knowledge and experience they have is unmatched in the industry. With this knowledge our clients can be confident and know they are in good hands with a team who will assess their facility for the “as is state”, make recommendations for the “should be state” and establish a clear path forward for “how to get there”.

Complacency tends to be the biggest enemy in a facility. When one system process is weakened or fails, a gradual deterioration in other safety measures results.  Security is never convenient but taking shortcuts may lead to the threat of human life within the facility and for the public at large, thus compromising the mission. One-way correctional agencies can ensure facilities are fulfilling the mission is through a regular review and assessment of daily operations.  An independent review/assessment can help address these issues.

A Creative Corrections team developed the Institutional Assessment Operations Tool to identify critical elements representing key facets of institutional operations.  Our Tool takes a systematic approach to the policies and procedures your facility is guided by to determine its needs, examine their nature, causes, and set priorities for future action. This approach helps progress through a defined series of phases:  Medical Services, Mental Health Services, Occupational Safety & Environmental Compliance, Fire Protection, Food Service, Security & Control, Inmate Services & Programs and Administration.

The Assessment Tool is not based upon a pass/fail or scoring system.  Instead, the Tool is designed to target institutional operations in a general way, as a snapshot in time, moving from general to specific as needed to evaluate effectively.  Needs assessment approach will set priorities and determination criteria for solutions so that planners and managers can make sound decisions, allocate available money, people, facilities, and other resources to its fullest capacity.