Prison Construction Consulting

Facility Planning, Design, and Construction Monitoring:
Correctional and Detention Facilities

Creative Corrections is currently staffed and positioned to offer review and monitoring services to private and governmental organizations preparing to enter into the planning, design, construction, and activation of correctional, detention, and related facilities.

Creative Corrections has qualified architects and engineers with design and construction experience relating to the operation and management of correctional and detention facilities who will assist you in all aspects of the development of proposed correctional and detention projects. Their expertise can assure complete satisfaction with the quality of work and contract performance. Creative Corrections can monitor conceptual and design program development, pre-construction planning, construction implementation, and activation planning for proposed facilities. Creative Corrections can be responsible for design, construction, and activation inspections, coordination, and customer interface.

The Creative Corrections monitoring approach will emphasize initial introductory briefings, discussion, and assistance to the developer and contractors at each phase to assure efforts by contractors are properly and efficiently directed and result in timely performance. Creative Corrections will in turn assist the developer in the review of submitted documentation at each phase and advise on corrections or alternatives. Creative Corrections will be available for monitoring during each phase as issues or concerns surface. Monitoring by Creative Corrections of the entire development process should ensure the facility is constructed within budget and on schedule.

Creative Corrections can provide a support team of individuals who:

  • Possess demonstrated experience in working with construction and building design and detention facility master planning (architecture and engineering) and construction management.
  • Possesses demonstrated knowledge and experience of design and construction technical requirements for detention facilities.
  • Possess or have knowledge of Architect\Engineer’s experience; read, understand, and interpret building designs and the project’s technical requirements, and have past experience in working with design monitoring of state-of-the-art detention facilities suitable for safe, secure housing of federal detainees.
  • Possess the ability to monitor all phases of a design-bid-build delivery project, including:
    • Facility Operational Program Statement
    • Architectural Design Program
    • Design Development Drawings
    • Construction Budget Development
    • Construction Documents Completion
    • Construction Progress Monitoring
    • Activation Planning Staffing and Operational Plans

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