Quality Assurance Reviews

Creative Corrections has had a long history of conducting Quality Assurance Reviews (QAR) for local, state, and federal agencies domestically and internationally. We are versed in utilizing a variety of standards used worldwide, such as the Federal Performance-Based Detention Standards (FPBD Standards), Juvenile Corrections Performance-Based Standards, ACA Standards/International Core Standards, and the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners (the Nelson Mandela Rules). Our QARs have been performed for government-owned and non-federal detention facilities worldwide to provide the customer with a comprehensive snapshot of facility performance and compliance with these standards.

Each contract monitoring team is led by a Senior Project Manager (SPM), an organized and seasoned corrections management professional capable of directing and coordinating team activities and effectively interacting with government and private corrections representatives. The SPM and other team members have extensive subject matter expertise (SME) and experience in the following areas:

  • Management of safe and secure prisons, including custodial staffing and training, correctional policies and procedures, record and log maintenance, detainee accountability and discipline, use of force, and emergency readiness.
  • Inmate rights and remedies, prison auditing; general administration; and inmate classification and programs, including religious practices, work, recreation, access to legal materials and representation, telephone, correspondence and visiting, staff/detainee communications, prevention of detainee discrimination, workforce integrity, and correctional programs.
  • Physical, mental, and dental health care, including access to care, timeliness, quality of care (routine, chronic, and emergent), and continuity of care.
  • Sanitary, nutritious, and healthy food service, including all aspects of food service management and delivery of services from the receiving dock to all points in between to the plate delivered to the detainee.
  • Occupational safety and environmental health requirements, including life and fire safety; air, noise and light monitoring; housekeeping/sanitation controls; hazardous materials; personal hygiene; ACA safety standards; blood-borne pathogens/infection control.

Every team member is experienced in interacting with an incarcerated population and is capable of analyzing and researching information relevant to his or her specialty area, including previously generated findings about conditions and problems. Review activities include observing operations and interactions between the staff and inmates; interviewing staff and inmates; examining policies and local directives and procedures; and reviewing operational logs and files.

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